Universal Tactical Gun Holster

Universal Tactical Gun Holster

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Universal Gun Holster is designed to be worn inside or outside the waistband for concealed carry. A strong button strap provides a security weapon holding but also allows for a quick release. If you wear it around your waist, it will not imprint at all so that other people will not know you are well armed. Extremely safe for carrying a handgun. Due to the position in which they are worn, they prevent the firearm from jostling, getting pulled out by an attacker, or falling out.


Breathable & Durable

Made of breathable neoprene that can wicks away moisture and ensures all-day comfort even in summer! Features quick draw effectively and silently.


Quick Draw & No Printing

Features a quick-release snap button and a retention strap to draw the firearm quickly and effectively. Easy to hide with little to no printing no matter how you dressed.


Universal Fit

Universal fit for right or left-hand use, inside or outside the waistband. Fit most sized gun, some models may require a couple of stitches to be cut for a better fit.



This carry holster is made for the right hand and left, it can be adjusted according to personal wearing habits. Ambidextrous design holds your handgun close against your body and can be rotated for left or right-hand draw. Left or right to fit your carry preference. Fast access your pistol in a hurry – get a full grip.
The durable handgun concealed carry holster has an open-top design with a strong elastic retention strap which will tightly lock down and prevent your weapon from bouncing out. The reinforced opening makes re-holstering easy and efficient. Handy metal spring clip slips easily over the top of your pants or belt to hold the holster in place. Premium, durable, lightweight & breathable neoprene inner material help to solve the muggy issue, 600D nylon wraps the holster inside to prevent tearing with use. This holster is built for everyday concealed carry. No cheap plastic clips or retention straps here.


Metal Clip

The heavy-duty belt clip ensures your holster stay put when you draw your gun no matter what situation.

Please clip the shorter face inside and the long face outside.

Fits up to 2-inch wide belt.

Durable Strap

Made of TPU elastic cord.

Flexible enough for most gun barrels and does not hinder any movement.

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Please Cut the Thread to Fit in Various Types: The concealed carry pistol holster is not only suitable for subcompact and compact guns but also suitable for medium and large types.


Wear It As You Wish


Universal Tactical Gun Holster