Trail Cameras for Hunting: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Trail Cameras for Hunting: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

01/11/2021 0 By riometadmin

A trail camera, also called a game camera, is a compact but powerful camera used in hunting and other outdoor activities that require continuous surveillance. Wildlife explorers use trail cameras to track animal movement over long periods of time.

Here are five key questions and answers that will help you learn more about trail cams for hunting.

Why Does a Hunter Need a Trail Camera?

A good trail camera is an indispensable part of a hunter’s toolkit as it enables them to track game without being physically present at the spot.

Installing a trail cam is an essential part of the preparation undertaken by serious hunters who’re determined to return successful from a hunting trip. By detecting the movement of large game, a trail cam helps the hunter identify the best locations to set up gear.

How Does a Game Camera Work?

Game cams are mounted on to trees in the wild, placed at a distance from the prey so as not to distract or disturb the animals.

A trail camera employs motion detection technology to keep track of prey and produces photos when large game passes its detection range. The images taken by a trail cam carry a date and time stamp. This information helps a hunter plan his or her strategy by working out the movement patterns of game in a specified area.



What is a Cell-Enabled Trail Camera?

A cellular-enabled trail camera is connected to a cellular network through a sim card, which enables it to send photos directly to your cell phone. Cell-enabled hunting cams are becoming increasingly popular with hunters who want to make use of the latest technology to up their game.

Older trail camera models would save all the images to a memory card, which the hunter had the retrieve manually and transfer the images to a computer. New-generation cellular game cameras have done away with this inconvenience, as they transmit photos to the user’s phone or email. This gives hunters, wildlife explorers and surveyors instant access to images and notifications.



What Features Should One Look for when Buying a Trail Cam?

Whether you’re buying your first game camera or looking to upgrade your existing one, we recommend that you invest in a cellular or wireless camera with high-quality optics, fast trigger speed and detection range of at least 80 feet.

In addition, you’d want to buy a camera from that is sturdy, compact, lightweight, has a long battery life and comes in waterproof camouflage casing. Advanced features include a small and non-protruding antenna, infrared boost technology for clearer images at night, and time lapse.



Can Game Cams e Used in Rough Weather?

Because of the long periods of time they must spend in the wilderness, trail cams are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and falls.

That said, not all trail cams are made equal, and you must do your research before buying one. A tough and waterproof camera can make all the difference in the outcome of a hunting expedition.


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