Noise-Canceling Headphones

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The earphone has the function of noise reduction and sound pickup, which effectively reduces environmental noise and protects hearing.

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  • Headphone Connection P4ort: NATO standard interface U-174 / u plug.
  • Is head-mounted & helmet-mounted dual purpose headphone, the design of fast switching between them.
  • Battery: No.7 battery (AAA) x2pcs, only used for noise reduction power supply, radio communication, no battery power supply, can be connected directly.
  • Headset helmet-mounted currently support the fast series of helmet arc rail, such as maritime, SF, Highcut, Sentry helmet incompatible with AF, T-Wendy, MTEK and other helmet.


Compatible Radio & PTT:

  • Compatible with various NATO standard communication models, PRC-148 / 152, FCS-148.
  • FCS-U94,FCS-V60 & Original EARMOR M51,M52 & TCA and other military regulations PTT.


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