Hunting Decoy for Duck

Hunting Decoy for Duck

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Tip For Using Duck Calls Most Effectively

There is a sort of musical instrument called a duck call that you blow into blow it will simulate a sound similar to a duck call. This sound will tempt those ducks close, if some prey is very wary, duck call can help trappers attract the target.

These cool duck calls are made of high quality materials, emitting sounds similar to ducks and geese, with good luring properties that can reach ducks and geese over long distances, helping to improve the success rate of hunting.

  • For best results, please blow from stomach
  • Keep lips open, get volume of air into call
  • Hold call by small barrel, half-cup hand, open at outlet
  • Your call is adjusted and hand-tuned at factory, do not relocate the reed


Easy to Blow

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced caller, this duck call is very easy to use.

You’ll be sounding like a mallard in no time. You can also bring your hunting dog along for the hunt.

The perfect match between the hunting dog and the duck whistle will make it easier for you to get your hunting dogs.

Hunting Decoy for Duck

Vivid and Realistic Sound

The single reed design makes blowing easy, sounds like a real duck, and can lure more prey into shooting range.

Superior Quality

Duck call is made of non-toxic acrylic plastic material, easy to carry and very durable, a duck call can be used for a long time.



Hunting Decoy for Duck